Sewing Workshops by Phyllis

Birds of Any Feather

Using just two fabrics (18” x 22”), you can create one of a myriad of bird blocks. By strategically placing a desired medium or dark vividly printed fabric on a light background fabric, the illusion of an eye, beak, and various wing designs can be created. Back-basted hand appliqué makes for a straight forward sewing project. No templates, no little pieces, no glue stick, no freezer paper! The examples shown include an Australian Aboriginal, Baltimore Eagle, and Raptor versions of Phyllis’ flock.

Indigo Sand Dollar

Sew this 17 inch block by hand simply with only two (2) pieces of fabric: a light backing and a dark motif.  Learn to use the template free with no little pieces using the back-basting method of appliqué. While the class stitches, Phyllis will show actual historic indigo & white and red & white quilts from her collection and talk about the dramatic impact of two color quilts.

Appliqué of the San Blas Islands (molas)

Sew a San Blas Island Flower, Blue Crab, Galah Cockatoo, or a Glow Worm in the San Blas Kuna style of reverse appliqué. No little pieces, no mess, no fuss - all you need are 4 fabric squares. While the class stitches reverse appliqué by hand, Phyllis will show the island women she met who make these hand sewn mola treasures off the coast of Panama and tell their way of life secrets.


Victorian Redwork Embroidery


girl on fence

redwork cats

redwork birds

Student kit available for $15 containing:

·  one solid (prewashed) red or one sold white fabric piece about the size of a fat quarter, ironed

·  one ball of pearl cotton embroidery thread (size 8), either in red or white

·  one embroidery needle appropriate for thickness of the pearl cotton embroidery thread

·  one sheet of Saral tracing paper in the appropriate color

·  one mechanical pencil used for tracing on the Saral tracing paper

·  one wooden hoop (varying sizes)

The cost of an additional sheet of Saral is $1.50, both red and white Saral tracing paper will be available.