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Lectures & Workshops by Phyllis

Boring Quilters Don’t Make Headlines  **Most Popular**


Phyllis’ humorous edition of amusing news stories was inspired by Jay Leno’s and David Letterman’s versions of funny and strange headlines. Each of these actual quilt stories was published in newspapers in the 1800's and early 1900's. Actual quilts and textiles from those early time periods will accompany the news. Join in the laughter.

Australian Aboriginal Fabric Dot Art
Power Point Lecture and Trunk Show

aboriginal fabric

Aboriginals in Australia have created dot art designs for thousands of years. See how the current indigenous outback artists are the creators of fabric designs now used by quilters, sewers, and decorators everywhere. Phyllis will explain the meaning of the fabric designs as they relate to Aboriginal culture and real life in the desert outback where she has recently visited several times. Over 30 actual fabrics will be on display and examined.

Appraising And Photographing Your Quilt

quilters logo  camera

Phyllis shows how an appraiser goes about determining different values for new, vintage, or antique quilts.  She also offers tips on photographing quilts for the "point and shoot" quilter.

American Quilts of the 1800's

indigo basket

Discover the rich heritage of quilts created in the United States from one turn of the century to the next (1800-1900). See examples of evolving patterns, styles, and techniques used by the quilt makers. Observe the differences created by changes in dyes and fabric printing methods by looking at actual period samples. You may bring early quilts that you would like to share (optional). All levels. Materials List: Pencil (no pens) and paper for note taking.

American Quilts of the 1900's 


How have quilts changed during the last 100 years? Using actual quilts, period fabrics, and ephemera, Phyllis will trace the path taken by quilt makers from prior to World War I until the recent turn of the century. See how colors, styles, and techniques made each decade unique. You may bring vintage quilts, tops, or blocks to class for analysis. All levels. Materials List: Pencil (no pens) and paper for note taking.

Victorian Redwork Embroidery

redwork005  redwork008  redwork006  redwork009

Hand embroider a 9" block using a classic embroidery design from Phyllis' Victorian Redwork Sampler Quilt book (see image on this site's book page). Or, using a fabric miniature replica, embroider the lily border of this antique quilt. Kits for both options will be available in class.  (Kit fee $15; red on white, white on red, blue on white thread options).

Ultimate Appliqué: Fabrics and Design in the San Blas Islands


Pictorial fabric art of the San Blas Islands - molas - are vibrant, colorful, creatively cut and stitched layers of cloth. See how those designs reflect the lives of today's small island women who daily create and wear them. Include molas in your own quilt making! (PowerPoint with trunk show) 

Workshop: Create the Crab or Island Flower.

Red & White, Blue & White: Quilts of Distinction


What is the secret of those graphic two color quilts? Why have red and white and blue and white quilts never lost their popularity in over two hundred years? What made the red and White exhibit in New York City so exciting? See what creates a quilt with such strong visual impact that it is rarely forgotten. (Brief PowerPoint with trunk show).

Workshop: Create the Indigo Sand dollar block using Phyllis' new pattern. 

Sew this 17” block by hand simply with only 2 pieces of fabric: a light backing and a dark motif. Learn to use the template free / no little pieces / back-basting method of applique. While the class stitches, Phyllis will show actual historic indigo/white and red/white quilts from her collection and talk about the dramatic impact of two color quilts.

Small and Smaller

Thumbnail image boy carrying fish on pole     Thumbnail image boy fishing

What might appear as antique and vintage “wall” quilts are actually quilts made for children that radiate universal charm, appeal, and delight? They are as fun and entertaining as they are revealing, sharing with us everyday life in the past. Although the quilts differ in pattern, design, color, fabric, piecing, and appliqué, these share an endearing quality and span more than one hundred years. 
(Approximately 30 actual quilts will be shown as well as a PowerPoint featuring close-ups of the quilts and fascinating sidelights.)  

Phyllis Twigg Hatcher, Quilt Detective, Cold Case

girl detective    patch quilt

Do you have quilts that you know nothing about? Bring them to the "Quilt Detective" lecture and let Phyllis crack the case. Perhaps you've acquired some from family, purchased one in a shop, or experienced a late night on eBay. Watch Phyllis determine and explain the approximate date using a myriad of mysterious clues. Some great stories and bits of textile chronicle are waiting to be discovered. (Monetary values will not be determined.)


Phyllis Twigg Hatcher
1410 Colonial Manor Court
Annapolis, MD 21409



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